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battle-x RSPS


We've lots of bosses, such as; Vorago, Sunfreet, WildyWyrms, and much, much more!
Clan System - Creating, Joining, Leaving, Rank giver, Color Changing & Motto’s, Chatting & Guests.
Hunger Games - It takes place in a small area where you have to try to kill each other. Including Lobby, Rewards, Timer & Winner.
Bank Pins - Works both when opening bank & money pouch.
Cache - Loading 751, which means it has the new maps, npcs & also items. We do also have RS3models & customs, such as mastery capes, drygores, off-hands, boss pets, kalphite and many, many other!
Toolbelt System - Adding Items, using them to do skills.
Rise of the Six - A Custom Minigame.
Farming - Mostly all kinds of patches (Allotments, herbs, flower, tree, bushes), proper timing, use of compost & proper use of farming tools.
Trivia Bot & Penguin Event - Including epic rewards.
MoneyPouch - Working adding, withdrawing & also supports store.
Requirements & Achievements - There are bunch of requirements to obtain Completionist, so you’ll have to work hard for it! Aslo, an Achievement system, including epic rewards.
Custom Dungeoneering - Including rooms, where you have to kill all monsters, in order to enter the final boss room.
Wildstalker Helmets - Requires kill counts, possible to upgrade to any kind of helmets with kill counts.
Quests - Cook’s Assistant, Doric’s Quest, Imp Catcher, Recipe for Disaster, Nomad’s Mini-quest & Refuge of Fear.
Dragonfire Shield - Dragonfire shield creation & activation.
Points System - You receive lots points in the various activities; player killing, player vs. monster, skilling, minigames & you will also receive special points from the various skills (most), including shops to all of them.
Summoning - Pouch & Scroll Creation, including most familiars.
Lodestone Network - Activation, animation & short cutscene.
Clue Scrolls - Over 20 clues, including interface & epic rewards.
Hunter - Birdsnares: Works for; crimson swifts, tropical wagtail, wimpy birds, the golden warbler, copper longtails &
Boxsnares; works nearly for all kinds, such as; grenwalls, chinchompas, geckos, racoons etc.
Working Falconry.
Duel Arena & Anywhere - You're allowed to send a challenge anywhere. Perfected system including, Friendly & Stake duels.
Pest Control - Landers, player requirements, lobby, joining & rewards interface.

Simplicity RSPS

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