classicpk RSPS

PvP| PvM| OSRS Data| Kraken|Zulrah| DWH|DFH|DFS|Minigames|Duel Arena|Great Community|PKP|PVM|BountyPTS|TargSystem|Different Game Modes| We have worked an extensive 3 years to provide the best server for the players and by the players and we look forward to see you soon. We are also seeking future competent staff!

The #1 RSPS! The #1 Unique OSRS RSPS. We worked hard making this the best rsps one can ever imagine with the all new exclusive BM system, Dice System, Pkp System, Skill Point System, and want players to have the best experience pking on CPK. We even have added a spec to the twisted bow AND you can wear a shield with it! Enjoy folks and come and join us! We also have an integrated discord system for those who'd like to chat with us. I'm available 24-7 at Ghostly #1771 on discord. Thank you for choosing classic pk!

Simplicity RSPS

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