cryptps RSPS

CryptPs is a brand new rsps currently in Beta so if you join now you get a free donator rank and 10 mystery boxes. The server is 718 loading 831+ items like seismics, ascensian crossbows etc. All dyes work all the dyed weapons work.

Welcome to Crypt! Here at Crypt we offer a one of a kind RSPS with a ton of features. Why are we considered one of the most fun servers on the TopList? Well we offer a very flourishing ecosystem, improved combat system, MANY minigames, TONS of ways to make bank which include: PvP, PvM, Gambling at our fully-functional Duel Arena, or by skilling. Why are we considered one of the most fun RSPS on the TopList? Login and join the fun and you'll see.

Simplicity RSPS

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