Infernal Realms

infernalrealms RSPS

infernalrealms RSPS

Infernal Realms RSPS

Website: [url=]Soul Kingdom[/url] (Domain change in progress)
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Welcome to the Infernus: The pocket demensions and home worlds to the demons of Runescape. In the Infernal Realm you will find great adventure, amazing loot, challenging bosses, quests, minigames, custom content, and much more...

Infernal Realms Feature List:


- Repuatation System

- Player Owned Shops

- Zombie/Quest/FFA Minigames

- Construction, Dung, Hunting, & Summoning

- Raids 1/2 Items!

- Crystal/Burnt Chest

- Fullscreen and resizable client

- Droptables

- Vote Rewards, Hiscores, Auto Donate, Heatmaps, website with live chat for support, and forums. 

- Well of Goodwill, Shooting Star, Wildy Wyrm, Evil Tree & more!

- OSRS GP Vouchers dropped from bosses, exchange for real osrs gp!

- Tournaments

- 317 loading osrs data and 634 Anims

- Loyalty titles, Boss Points, Lunar, Ancients,  ALL PRAYERS, CC Gambling, Trivia, and much much much more!

Free mystery box for any players joining from 02/27/19 - 03/14/19

Your adventure awaits you!

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