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kahmad RSPS

kahmad RSPS


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KahMad is 100% uptime which means we are 24/7 online and running with no lag! Visit our website and see how many active players there are. Our combat system is flawless, we have so much content added for our players and we keep pushing out updates every day. The community is active and very friendly, register on the forums and introduce yourself within seconds. On Alora we care about every player, and we really mean that when we say it. All our staff members are always helping players with the issues they face, this is because we care about the community. Join us today and see how good it is.


What can you expect:

Active players, all pets, flawless combat, Raids, Inferno, many mini-games, bosses, zulrah, Unique Trading post system, drop tables, duel arena, all OSRS skills and so much more. Visit our website and check it out now!




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Simplicity RSPS

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