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krator RSPS

krator RSPS


Krator is an apocalyptic version of Gielnor where evil and chaos has taken over. Throughout your adventure, you will notice the maps are a little spookier than before, and thus, breathing life into the content that surrounds it. The world is almost entirely PvP. There is no order, just mass chaos. While it does offer a select few safe-havens, they are few and far between. Additionally, we try to put a little spin on our content offerings. This isn't your average click-a-stall and gain wealth. If you want to take the life of the other adventurers around you, you'll have to grind the same as everyone else. No free rides here!

[SPOILER=Features (Media is below!)]Many challenging bosses, such as: 
Mad Scientist
Toxic Sorcerer
Crazed Sorcerer
Brazo Diablo
GWD Bosses

Special effect zombies:
Toxic zombies - poison their attackers.
Hungry zombies - frequently drop quantities of low-level food
Zombie Brute - frequently drops gems and other medium-level resources.
Skeletal Kings - drops high tier weaponry
..and so many more!

Customized training: (ongoing WIP)
Training Thieving - themed around stealing from a bank
Runecrafting - you're in the backyard of a well-known area to everyone, but it looks so different, and all the altars are close by. What could go wrong?
Slayer - you're not hunting live creatures anymore. In fact, you're sending them BACK to where they came from and using their dust to purchase better Slayer gear.
As we progress, we will continue to twist the norm into Krator's theme.

If you manage to spend enough time alive, you may find that your skin has the ability to change colors, and effectively, grant you perks.

We have a special attributes system for weapons and other equipment. If you seriously love the equipment you've earned (or stole from someone else!), no reason to let it go once you get high levels. Just upgrade it!

A supply chest will spawn everyone now and then, so if you're down on your luck and out of supplies, you can track down the supply chest and get a boost.

While mysterious emblems are typically a currency, we didn't want to add another form of currency to keep up with. Instead, let it serve as a mystery box for PK gear. The higher the tier emblem you have, the better tier,  the rewards you can get from it. The mechanics for earning higher tiered emblems is the same as OSRS.



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