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magmascape RSPS

magmascape RSPS

Welcome to MagmaScape Young Family Member. We strive to do our best at making you feel at home, where family matters.
I have a passion for creating and working in a community which people have a good understanding on one another.
In such a community where others will sacrifice self greed to help out someone else, and spare a lending hand. I say "lending"
as in most cases those who have been helped will not hesitate to pay it forward. I enjoy entertaining the playerbase with events
and rewards for different activities done. I work alone in every department for MagmaScape but do have an in game staff and a
very good player base. Here are some of the features:

-10,000+ Customs
-Active Staff and Owner
-Daily Updates
-Lots of Content
-Daily Events and Giveaways
-Boss Pets
-Attacking Pets
-Working Drop Tables
-Drop Rate Bonus Items
-Zulrah, Diablo, Marvel Raids and much more!
-Very Friendly Community
-Dedicated Hosting
-No Downtime

Simplicity RSPS

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