PoonScape - Brand New Server!

poonscape RSPS

poonscape RSPS

  • Raids with extreme loot.
  • Brand new wilderness bosses now in game with great rewards.
  • Old-School PKing Pre-sets.
  • lots of achievements with great rewards.
  • Huge selection of bosses to kill for great items.
  • PKing Acievements with great rewards.
  • Kill 500 Players for the dead man cape best pking cape on the game.
  • All Osrs pets gained from bosses and skilling.
  • One of the best PKing homes known to RSPS.
  • Flawless Combat System Fully Re written.
  • Full Raids, Fully Re written.
  • Fully working Vorkath, with great drops.
  • Instant Pk Setup Options, For all you Pvp's.
  • We have over 10 Different wilderness Event bosses ,With a instant teleport option to take you to the event.
  • Mythical cape with teleport option to legendary zone.
  • Re worked all of the boss drops, event drops, clue scrolls, and much more.
  • Giant scarab, The inadequacy, dusk and dawn, Giant sea snake are now in game with all correct animations and attack styles.
  • Vespula & Soldiers, Tekton, Muttadile are new donation bosses with great rewards use the mythical cape for teleports.

Simplicity RSPS

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