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reaperscape-ps RSPS

Welcome to ReaperScape! Fixed multiple items such as Infernal cape, Justiciar etc.
Working Highscores, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman and so on! Full working voting system with rewards!

How to get around ReaperScape, also theres portals you can use and "Chronicle" book to teleport

Settings so you can play your way

Fully working Easy. Medium, and Hard Achievement system!

Full working Diary system!

Many titles to choose from!

A fun community driven server with 1 owner ! Would love for people to come and have some fun!
I constantly update things while keeping the server uptime to 24/7. Constantly backup server files to make sure no accounts are lost.
If you don't like the server at least come by to say hi! I Love meeting new people!

Join ReaperScape today! I've personally Been with the RSPS community since OCT 2009!
No forced donations!
Website - Click Here
Client download - Click Here

Simplicity RSPS

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