regenerationxps RSPS

regenerationxps RSPS

RegenerationX Brings you Exciting New experience that no other RSPS can give you! We have loads of unique custom content. We strive to be the best and be the top RSPS out there so come on down and try us out and you will not be disappointed!

RegenerationX is a custom RSPS that was build upon player suggestions and creativity. We have players contribute to the server updates by allowing them to work side by side with developers in creating new content. RegenerationX is hosted on a dedicated reliable server with DDoS protection and lots of memory to ensure unscathed uptime and uninterrupted gameplay. Your mind will be blown by all of the custom items and their unique abilities that they have to offer. RegenerationX has a special prestiging system which makes skilling more enjoyable and rewardable. Just recently, we have released a custom Raiding Minigame System to be enjoyed with multiple friends. The Raiding minigame also provides a Reward Shop that contains very powerful items. Come join and make history!

Simplicity RSPS

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