rigaur RSPS

rigaur RSPS


Rigaur is a runescape private server based on a 317 revision.
It is completely free to play and offers some of the most unique and highest quality gameplay in runescape private server history.
We have been online since August 2018 and have shown no signs of slowing down.
We offer high quality, bug-free minigames, 100% functional skills, loads of bosses, rs-like grand exchange, veteran/max/completionist capes, loyalty system, dicing, and much more.
Our community is constantly growing, and our staff team is always active and willing to help you through your adventure.
We are always improving Rigaur, with frequent game and website updates coming from professional developers.
We strive for the perfect version of a economical yet also PK server!

 Some of Features

- Choose your own xp ratio
- Osrs bosses and items
- Near to zero bugs
- Daily Updates
- Inferno boss
- Stardust and Loyalty points stores
- Stable Economy, player based rs-like grand exchange
- Fast paced server
- Known for our PvM, with over 16 bosses and counting
- Unique PvP aspects such as a deep wilderness revenants spot and target system.
- Safe-PvP area
- Active PvP community
- Alot of minigames and miniquests, including a zombie minigame
- Flawless dueling and dicing system
- All skills fully functional without any bugs
- Alot of achievements to get your complesionist cape
- Full clan system, with working lootshare
- World events such as a halloween minigame
- Co-op slayer system
- 100% working rs-like dungeoneering
- 100% working rs-like summoning
- 100% working rs-like hunter
- Fully working dwarf cannon
- Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping
- Massive donor zone's with alot of extra features
- Ironman, Hardcore Ironman and ultimate-ironman gamemode's
- Quik prayers
- Prestige system
- Lottery
- Mystery boxes
- Well of goodwill(Gives 30% xp boost when filled)
- Easy skilling spots access by your skill tabs
- Resizeable client
- Working brawlers
- Unique feeling you cant get anywhere else thanks to our amazing community

Simplicity RSPS

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