serenityserver RSPS

  • * Staff needed
  • * Vote for Donator rank
  • * Working 25 Skills
  • * Player owned shops
  • * Ruse based Runescape Private Server
  • * Bonus Vote points, EXP, Lottery & Player Kill Points
  • * Custom Items
SerenityServer is a classic Old School RuneScape Private Server. Get ready to be a part of a thrilling and unique experience that is our server. We are dedicated to bringing you back to the amazing time that we all fell in love with. Our objective is to give you an enjoyable and memorable experience. We offer 21 fully working skills, 5 unique/custom quests with some nice rewards, unique home which includes verious shops for your skilling or combat needs, flawless combat system, highscores, donator benefits, and MUCH more content in-game. So join us and become royalty!

Simplicity RSPS

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