Uthina! Amazing OSRS Server!

uthina RSPS

uthina RSPS

Uthina Is a growing OSRS featuring 317, It has Raids,Inferno,Gungame,Fight caves,Pest control,Clan wars
and bosses like Zulrah,kraken,callisto,thermonuclear smoke devil, RFD Bosses.
Skilling can give players a skilling points to use in a skilling shop.
aswell with being able to get items that give skilling xp rates.
5Prestiges per skill, Extreme, Normal, Ironman, Hardcore-Ironman, 24-7 Uptime, No lag, Over 20+ Players since release.
Daily updates since day 1. Make sure to join Uthina!

Simplicity RSPS

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