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vendra RSPS

vendra RSPS

VendraRSPS is a brand new 317 “Simplicity” based osrs/pre-eoc server. After a long period of development, struggles and setting up a team we are ready to go live and welcome you to try out this adventure!
We have been working on this project to bring you the best server with active staff and active development.
We are using an extremely Updated version of the Simplicity source, with a brand-new client. Using two developers who have been working on perfecting these over the past few years.
The staff team is extremely focused and driven to turn this into the best server and is also very interested in what you would like to see in the server or what should be changed. So, don't hesitate to put any posts in the suggestions section of the forums.
We will read them and put them in with our plans.
There will be weekly events to bring the community together both in game and on forums!

Simplicity RSPS

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