violence RSPS

violence RSPS

Welcome to Violence, we are Brand-New.
Violence has been in non-stop development for the past Year, with a goal of surpassing
all PK based servers and claiming the #1 spot. Combined with the skills of a remarkable developer, community
suggestions and a well planned budget to spend on advertising, Violence will dominate the scene.

+ Raids 2 Wilderness Events
+ Raids 1 Wilderness Events
+ Raids 1 Chambers Of Xeric
+ Log-in and Pk instantly
+ Quick set-up interface for instant Pking
+ All OSRS items and every osrs boss.
+ Tournament system, the best Hybrid claims the BM reward and #1 Hybrid title
+ Blacklist a toxic player from attacking you at Edgeville
+ Wildernerss Bots to pk against as practice
+ Profile interface system, search other player's statistics
+ World events spawn every 2 hours to spice things up with bonus rewards
+ Highscores for pures, zerks, ranged tanks, mains
+ Achievements to unlock items and titles
+ Osrs items, bosses & maps
+ Welfare items are free, barrows and above cost blood money
+ Professional client with customization to any revision you love
+ Resizable
+ Many Wild bosses for the best money making methods
+ Pvp tasks, get kills as a pure/zerk/main and claim BM reward after completion
+ Target system
+ Every OSRS Boss pets & Skilling pets
+ All raid items
+ Daily highscores, #1 spot claims 15k Bm reward, different highscores everyday
+ Skilling for skill capes, max capes & some relaxing money making
+ Daily lottery
+ Killstreak skulls
+ CS GO Mystery Boxes
+ F2p protection when F2p pking
+ Placeholders & all bank features
+ Killstreak skulls
+ Much more content

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