Arcanian Wow



Arcanian WoW is a private World of Warcraft server that offers a very fun and immersive Wrath of the Litch King experience completely free.

Arcania has been one of the longest running World of Warcraft WotLK servers, with countless years in the making we've been one of the most convenient alternatives when it comes to the WotLK private server scene. Arcania offers the most convenience, with scaling XP rates making your adventure a bit more fast paced and interesting, a reward system that rewards players for achieving certain milestones such as levels and what not. Arcania is a very diverse World of Warcraft private server, we try to include as much of all aspects of the World of Warcraft experience into our project. Whether you're a bosser, pvper or just a roleplayer we strive to be able to fulfill all of our players criteria as to what they want in the game.

In order to achieve the satisfaction of our whole community we've even gone so far as to creating a PvP based realm only suited and dedicated for player versus player needs. This whole flawless realm offers hundreds of battlefields as well as the world itself. Arcania is the best option if you're looking for consistency, immersiveness and entertainment in a World of Warcraft server.

We thrive to fulfill all criteria of how a World of Warcraft WotLK experience should be like.