ArgusWow Legion 7.3.5



ArgusWow is the biggest world of Warcraft legion server out there. With tens of thousands of players tuning in every day from all corners of the world to share and indulge in the same passion that we all have which is World of Warcraft.

ArgusWoW is a free World of Warcraft server. This means no monthly subscription fees, no hassle just download and play, as simple as that. We offer countless realms with thousands of players online at all times, from PvP realms with X100, PvE and all kind of hefty stuff. All content is released on this server which means that ell the original World of Warcraft content is available for you the player to explore and experience without any bugs or glitches or maintenances. We have custom battlegrounds and arena for our immersive and competitive PvP scene. We also give you the player the ability to transfer your characters to ArgusWow.

We have launched a full transfer to our game worlds from other servers. And all transferals are totally free. What this means is that you have the ability to transfer your favourite characters from other WoW server to our server and continue your adventure along with us. For some this seems too good to be true, but we offer nothing but the best to our community. We only strive to become the best platform available for our player base.

At ArgusWoW we try our best to keep our players motivated to play the game. We have introduced a system that gives every player rewards for their character activity online. This reward system works in hours of game time. So every hourly checkpoint yo reach you are eligble for a unique and cool reward. This goes for 5 hours, 25, 100 250 etc.

For every bigger milestone you achieve you have a greater reward including, custom unique pets, gear, weapons and much more.

has the most professional development team and Game Moderators. We are steadily looking to improve, and we strive to be the best World of Warcraft alternative to our dear player base. We are constantly adding new features and unique content to the server and tons of new ways of playing the game. ArgusWoW isn't just a WoW community. We are our own little cozy family with thousands of members online at all time zones.

Join us today and begin your adventure at ArgusWoW

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