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Dalaran WoW is a WOTLK based private server. Dalaran WoW offers the true WOTLK experience and is a perfect fit for those who miss this golden era of World of Warcraft.

We strive to make sure that all of our services and game play runs smoothly and that our users have access to all the available content that was released during the expansion of WOTLK, and we offer the true experience that we all experienced on retail in the past. We strive to keep our project expanding and growing and to keep being the largest community based solely on WOTLK. Our key goal is to steadily improve our content and consistently releasing new fresh content to our audience that does not stray away from the WOTLK experience. Our developer team works around the clock to ensure that we all have a bug free World of Warcraft server that the WoW community has never seen anywhere else. At Dalaran WoW we try our best to offer a variety of different ways to experience the game. With different realms all optimized to different aspects of the game such as PvP PvE etc.
We try our best to provide our community with an appropriate environment free of harassment and abuse where everyone can enjoy their stay. This is essential for our longevity as it hurts the experience of everybody else and takes the fun out of the social and interactive aspects of the game.

Dalaran WoW is the most immersive and best WOTLK based World of Warcraft server out there. It is truly the best and most Blizzlike server out on the market when it comes to The Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Our server is the most convenient WOTLK based server out on the market today.

Whether you've experienced WOTLK on Retail or through any other private server, Dalaran WoW will truly do you justice by providing you with the best and nothing but the best!