Epsilon World of Warcraft



Epsilon World of Warcraft is a huge private server dedicated to Roleplaying. Based off of the vanilla version of the game Epilson offers the most quality content when it comes to an environment suited for Roleplay and character development.

Epsilon isn't just strictly for Roleplay purposes as there are tons of other content such as PvP, PvE and player skilling. Epsilon offers the most appropriate environment for Roleplaying as it doesn't condone any rule breaking related to disturbing Roleplay scenes. The Roleplay on Epsilon is taken very seriously and anyone that is ruining any type of Roleplay environment intentionally will face consequences for their actions. Because of our strict rules and principles that we impose on our server we've been able to maintain a huge and very immersive Roleplay and World of Warcraft environment.

However applications, registration and other nonsense like that are not in our server. Most heavy-roleplay World of Warcraft servers around require you to make a super long application or some kind of hard registration to be able to participate in the Roleplay events of that server.

We've succeeded in maintaining a high roleplay standard in our server without applications. Everyone is welcome to join, all that is needed for your account to be created is just an ordinary login and boom you're already a part of our community.

Epsilon is the most convenient option for anyone that is interested in Roleplay and in vanilla World of Warcraft gaming. With a huge player base, professional developers and approachable staff members, Epsilon has it all.