EvoWoW is a World of Warcraft project that is meant to deliver the best and finest Wrath of the Lich King experience with the most Blizzlike touch to it.

We've been an ongoing project that has been standing strong for over 5 years since our initial launch.

We offer all the original and convenient retail content which means that all the content you'd originally find in the original WoTLK experience you can count to find that on our services as well. We are a community that hosts thousands of players from all around the world all united in this vast and immersive World of Warcraft server. If you're looking for an experience unlike anything else, flawless gameplay and lagg-free realms then you've come to the optimal place.

We offer everything that makes a server superb, no connection difficulties, no lagg no crap only straight up raw gaming. We are one of the most convenient alternatives for all of your World of Warcraft WotLK needs and we hope that you at least give us a try.

Join our vast and interactive community today at EvoWoW WotLK.