Horizon WoW is a massive up and coming world of warcraft private server.

Boasting a massive six hundred active players and a huge amount of unique and custom content ready to be enjoyed the second you join the game, its no wonder why we are the go to server for a lot of people. We have thousands upon thousands of custom items and over five hundred new quests ready to be explored spanning over the entire realm.

No matter of your experience or your current ability you are guaranteed to find something that you will enjoy on our server as we cater to everyone no matter their skill level, if you're willing to learn then we are willing to teach.

We understand that players do not have the time to dedicate to leveling and grinding so we have a unique tier system that players can automatically pick and choose their starting level so that they can get to the content that they want to play sooner. That way they spend less time grinding and more time playing and conquering the content that they wish to play.

We also have forty-two new dungeons that are accessible as soon as you log in so you'll never run out of content to play.