LoE | Light RP | Variety of game play | 24/7 staff | Big player base



Land of Elves is a dutch World of Warcraft private server that was founded in 2012 and is the biggest World of Warcraft role-play Server out there. LoE is fit for all different kinds of gamers, whether you want to quest, raid or just partake in the typical PvE / PvP whilst also fantasy role-playing.

LoE is completely free server which means you have all the content unlocked free of charge. LoE is run by a very friendly and motivated team that strives to offer the best to its players. It is crucial for us that the server is entertaining to all of our players, LoE is a place where you can just kick back, relax and interact with the community. All from cozy little conversations to hardcore dungeons are available to you in LoE.

Our server isn't just an environment fit for kids only, it's fit for all people with all different backgrounds and ages. The average age of our beloved gamers stem anywhere from 15 to 55 years of age.

LoE isn't your typical strict WoW role-play server. Whilst trying to join other WoW role-play communities you're forced to make a super long application and go through days of hassle just to be able to play the game. We work against that, on LoE you don't have to apply for anything gaming related nor anything role-play related. Everybody is welcome to join us.

LoE is run by an open-minded staff team which means that we are always open to ideas from our players. We encourage our players to speak up and have their voice heard regarding our services and what they would want added to our server. LoE is a light role-play server which means you're not obliged to role-play if you dont wish to.

If you're looking to experience the vast and immersive world of WoW without being bothered by anyone LoE is the perfect fit for you. LoE is home to real World of Warcraft veteran players, lore specialists and just World of Warcraft enthusiasts in general that have embarked upon our immersive server. Join us today at Land of Elves World of Warcraft private server.