WoW Moonwell WoW is a World of Warcraft server based in Russian. We currently hold one of the biggest PvP servers in Russian.

Our server is completely free of all costs unlike blizzard that forces you into tons of monthly payments and subscriptions just to experience the World of Warcraft experience. We think that everyone should at least once in their life feel what the peak of the World of Warcraft days were like.

Deathside is an immersive server that emerges you into a world of infinite possibilities, maybe you will be a PvPer and gather or kill all players as a pro. Gather some friends or go in solo as you gain loot to fight off the opposition, and other players.

Deathside is a very fast paced private World of Warcraft server with community made maps and all of the original World of Warcraft classes with unique abilities to choose from.

Create your own world, adventure and get creative, only your imagination is the limit!

Deathside World of Warcraft is full of quick, action packed mini-games meant to test your skill. You can compete in a free for alls, guild PvP wars, or even 10v10 battlefields.

WoW is the place for non-stop action. Whether it be with a sword or with a bow, there are a variety of unique gear and weapons to choose from. Practice your player versus player skills in the free-for-all arenas or challenge others to duels of 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.