Plaguewood is a progressive World of Warcraft private server which has housed tens of thousands of different players along the years of its existence./b>

Are you looking for an immersive World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King experience completely free at cost? We’ve been a community favorite in the WoTLK 3.3.5 scene and we continue to deliver and satisfy our audiences expectations and criteria. We’ve been able to uphold a balanced server with no glitches or bugs ruining the immersion for players. We have a wide variety of different activities of which you can participate in, PvP battlefields, Roleplay, PvE, challenging bosses and much more.

Our server is ran by tens of different administrators, developers and game moderators whom all operate together to maintain a properly ran server. When we first started this project we wanted to offer our community a gameplay which is Blizzlike and as similar to the original version of the game as possible. We’ve succeeded in our goal and even went way beyond that, not only have we imitated the original version but out server is an exact replica of how WoTLK was back in the expansions days.

Join our server today and experience WoW how it should be played.

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