RetroWoW - Classic - Instant 60- PvP 24/7



The server is the leader of many ratings, and retains leadership for more than a season. What does it offer its users?

RetroWoW has been operating since January 2015.

  • Instant 60: your character will automatically be level 60 as soon as you create it. You can choose between free dungeon gear 1 or blue items from novice sellers.
  • 5-man raids. Completion of the setup is not required, and to make sure that you can progress quickly enough, raids will be reset every 2 days.

Custom PvE / PvP / Raid Quests; PvP tokens: earn one PvP token for every player killed. Battlefields with cross factions: this allows players to enter battlefields as a member of the opposing faction. At any time, the queues are almost instant!

  • Arena 2/2/3/3: Another RetroWoW feature where you can play the Arena – but pay attention, you will not receive any prisez for it, just fun.
  • Alterac Valley: The Alterac Valley scales to 20 to 20, giving you the full experience of Alterac, while ensuring that the line is not long.
  • Dungeons: Dungeons and elites all over the world scale to be completed alone or, at most, with only two of your friends or associates. Most items you might want, however, are available at the mall. And you can find here the best options for all time of game/
  • Teleport: Teleports are always available for raids, quest zones, arenas, custom event zones or many other places.
  • Token Recipe: Tokes Recipe is one of the many unique features of RetroWoW. They can be obtained using custom quests in the Azshara crater and can be used to obtain rare recipes for professions.

You can choose for you professions and features, take part in lottery and NPC events. There were develop anti-cheat system and automatic backup system: a backup of the entire server, including your characters, is generated every day and stored on a separate server. So you see – this server is  really a leader here. They have a lot of unique features, good site and a lot of fans. Let’s try and have fun!