RP Heaven



RPH also known as RP heaven is the biggest and fastest-growing world of warcraft private server in the entire official blizzard top list.

Our server is based on Battle for Azeroth 8.2 which is an ALL GM server. Roleplay Heaven has been around for 8 years and have thrived and progressed as a server and community by several years of development experience, bonds and friendship that have lasted for almost a decare, Roleplay Heaven is not just a World of Warcraft server but a big family.

It offers a huge array of in-game content and custom and unique monsters ranging from starting quests all the way up to end of game content and everything in between along with boasting over one thousand players on both worlds including its brand new and unique PVP world. With over 400 players tuning in on the daily we can guarantee you that you will not run out of interaction and Roleplay along with our community.

Roleplay Heaven really puts the game of World of Warcraft into a realistic perspective and allows you to experience the game through the goggles of a real living and breathing individual within the world of Azeroth.

It also offers massive community events whether it's in our PVE worlds or even a PVP tournament hosted in our very own PVP realm you are sure to find something that you will enjoy, not only will you and your friends enjoy it even for just participating you'll receive a reward so whether your a brand new world of warcraft player or you've played since vanilla and you're a seasoned veteran you are sure to find something that you will enjoy so theres no excuse not to see what all the hype about.

We have been DMCA free for all of the 8 years that our server has stood steadfast and strong and bugs, glitches are close to none on all of our realms. Join the immersive Roleplay server of RPHeaven and experience the world of Azeroth like you've never done before.