Do you want to experience the immersive World of Warcraft MMoRPG but can't be bothered to pay for monthly subscriptions as well as putting in so much time and effort on the grind aspects of the game, then you've come to the right place. Smolderforge is a fully free to play World of Warcraft private server that offers the most optimal blizzlike experience you can find with the criteria that we have.

Upon registration you get an instant level of 70 which allows you to with the snap of a finger get in on the action and begin your real gaming journey of World of Warcraft. Not only will you level get to 70 automatically but we've also raised the experience multipliers which makes your grind much easier and more entertaining.

Smolderforge has some of the most professional developers in the field of World of Warcraft gaming, all having at least 10 years of experience with the game, we can guarantee you that the content we offer you is as superb as it gets.

We host a community like no other. With over a hundred thousand registered accounts in our database as well as thousands of different players that tune in every day, we are still relevant till this day since several years of launch.