SymmetroWow is a World of Warcraft private server based on the vanilla version of the game.

The whole World of Warcraft community and playerbase have spiked down ever since the major updates of the original World of Warcraft which led to what it has become today. A very boring and easy game which no true fan in the World of Warcraft community admires or cherishes. We at SymmetryWoW wanted to create an alternative, a route out for the hardcore World of Warcrafters out there. Thus we started the project of SymmetryWoW, the real experience of Vanilla World of Warcraft that was at its peak and at its best during the early 2004's when the game overall was at its best.

SymmetroWoW consists of a very big community with thousands of players turning in every day to indulge themselves in the Vanilla World of Warcraft experience. Our PvP scene is very consistent and fun as the battlefields are most of the time populates with players alike. Raids and PvE is at its finest with flawless mechanics and gameplay with no bugs or glitches that will ruin your immersion.

Flawless realms with lag coming close to none. SymmetroWoW is here to satisfy all of your World of Warcraft gaming needs with the most immersive vanilla gameplay and a consistent playerbase to accompany you in your adventures.

Join us today and begin your World of Warcraft vanilla journey.