Thorium WoW



Thorium WoW is a World of Warcraft private server based on WOTLK 3.3.5a version of the original game.

Thorium WoW is a very immersive and unique private server, it offers everything from the retail version of 3.3.5a WOTLK content aswell as the servers own unique custom content and exclusive script and mechanics that are featured in this vast private server. There are a total of 14 playable races in Thorium WoW and instead of the boring typical World of Warcraft damage counter, inflicting damage upon NPCs or players it's counted in the millions. This is a very unique aspect and more intense approach to the combat aspects of the game. That doesn't mean that you're an overpowered individual that can slay everything in sight but everything in the server is made accordingly to the damage you inflict aswell as the combat revolves around this unique type of combat gameplay. Thorium WoW has it's own unique world bosses that spawns from a regular counter to the more rare ones. These world bosses are exclusive to Thoriums server only and all have their own mechanics and strategies to beat as a team or a group.

Thorium is a private server that revolves around the community, with hundreds of players logging in on the daily Thorium will truly satisfy your cravings and criteria you want from a World of Warcraft private server. Thorium offers the best and most immersive World of Warcraft experience to date and all that comes with a big community that is steadily growing by the day.

Thorium WoW is a completely free to play private server that doesn't oblige any player to pay real life funds to participate in any of its services or gameplay.