One of the most exotic options is a server located in Algeria. The newest one presented in various ratings, was launched only in June 2019.

Tornado-WoW is a Fun/Custom WOTLK based private server with over 6000 custom items and quests with multiple realms designed

to give the player an ultimate experience in the world of private servers! It’s not totally a new server as one can tell, they have been

around for quite some time, since the 2016. But now they are officially back and ready to provide players with some memories they will

never forget with amazing player base, GM Teams, and development team that adds new content and fixes bugs at lightning speed!

What they can offer to their users? Let’s have  a look:

  • Instant 85 with extremely high rates;
  • Custom Starting area;
  • Free Welcome Haste Tabard;
  • Haste Cap at 7000;
  • Working Battlegrounds;
  • Very High Stats (You can solo everything!);
  • Retail Instances/Raids Set up for solo-ability;
  • Custom...;
  • Instances;
  • Spells;
  • Items;
  • Weapons;
  • NPCs;
  • Malls;
  • 95% of Spells working as intended;
  • Teleportation Stone;
  • Donation System;
  • Supports 3.3.5a;
  • WOTLK /MoP Weapon and Armor Models;
  • Simple Voting Reward System;
  • Scripted Bosses;
  • Active and Helpful GM Team(s).

And also…..a total reset. Unfortunately, the reliability of the server is subject to great doubt.

Serious problems several times knocked the platform out of the process for a long time.

This generally does not allow recommending a game server to regular users. Of course, the platform team writes that

they are working on troubleshooting, but in general, such work should have been done before returning to the market.