Tornado-Wow is a custom version of the game which means it's an enhanced version of World of Warcraft. Tornado-Wow is a WOTLK based private server with a staggering 6000 custom items, quests and multiple realms which are created to offer the player an ultimate experience in the WoW private server scene.

Our server has been around for quite a long time. Tornado-Wow was founded back in 2016 and our server has only been progressing and getting better ever since. The server had a pause for a bit, but we're officially back and yearning to provide our players memories of which they will never forget along with our fellow adventurers in our vast community.

Our staff team is one of the most professional teams around, our GM and developer teams are experienced in the World of Warcraft scene and are constantly adding new features and content to the game whilst also fixing bugs and making sure everyone is abiding by the server rules. To ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience in our server there are a set of rules that all members of the community have to abide by. These rules should be pretty obvious, treat everyone like you would like to be treated. No harassment of any kind, no disrespectfull attitude towards any player especially members of staff that are there to help you. No use of 3rd party clients to progress in the server with an unfair advantage.

Tornado-WoW is truly the best and most convenient World of Warcraft private server out there. At our server you can partake in infinite amounts of fun activities such as flipping items and trading in the mall, partaking in the very active PvP scene that our community has to offer, immersive and custom PvE and much more to come. At registration, you start with the level 85 and have extremely high EXP rates. You begin your adventure in our custom starting area which is unique to our server. We have made it so that your stats are insanely high which allows you to solo everything PvE related in the game. We have our neat donation system which gives you unique items and abilities and more content.

Uniquely scripted bosses, teleporting and much neater stuff to come. If you want the ideal World of Warcraft game play register now at Tornado-Wow.