Turtle WoW



Turtle WoW is a private World of Warcraft server that offers quality content when it comes to Roleplaying with the community and developing your own character as well as having the top notch PVE vanilla gameplay.

Turtle WoW has been an ongoing project for ages and it progressing as a community as well as a server by the day. Turtle World of Warcraft is a vanilla based server that offers nothing but the best to its community. On Turtle WoW you can find some of the most intense boss battles with hundreds of players coming together as one to defeat evil bosses in the most epic fashion. You can also find some of the most competitive PvP action where we offer Warsong Gulch with the most immersive battlegrounds where tens of guilds fight each other on the daily. We have a very tight, friendly and loyal community on our server which are all eager to help and take the initiative for new-coming players. Our project is solely alive for the satisfaction of our community. Our players mean everything for us and we never act un-accordingly when adding new content that players don't deem fit in our game. At Turtle World of Warcraft everyone has a say and are allowed to have their voice heard. Because of this close bond between developers, administrators and the community we've been able to thrive as a server and expand in massive ways.

The main purpose of our server is to offer the World of Warcraft audience the full Vanilla experience totally free at cost.

World of Warcraft vanilla is a game that everyone has to experience at least once in their lifetime and so we offer that experience conveniently at no cost.