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Ultimo WoW / UW is a Spanish World of Warcraft community which is based of the 3.3 Wrath of the Lich King expansion or WotLK.

UW offers Blizzlike content with some nuances that without breaking the Blizzlike environment and experience give our WotLK server a bit more grace, originality, convenient and overall entertainment.
Our services launched in 2018 and has been only progressing ever since. We strive to offer the best possible WotLK experience for our audiences, UW offers the closest thing to the official kingdoms in the 3.3.5a version but a much more enhanced version. New features that does not break the credibility and originality of the original Blizzlike experience.
With a renewed work team we're more motivated than ever before to share the best of what we have to offer as a developer team, community and server. We aim to learn as much as possible from our previous mistakes made in the past, and take the sense of seriousness, professionalism and commitment to the highest level possible, aiming to resolve the different problems of the community with efficiency and promptness. We do not see obstacles and challenges as a threat, we welcome them with our arms open because it's the only for us to really progress and learn as a server.
Ultimo WoW is for the player that really wants to enjoy a true World of Warcraft experience on a WotLK 3.3.5a Blizzlike server. Uw has a qualified team of professionals within their fields, development, moderating and World of Warcraft fandom. We work around the clock to ensure that our community is satisfied and for the maintenance of our services, applying corrections to what needs to be fixed, new changes and updates are always in the progress.
UW is a legitimate server with real working employees. UW offers a work team among which work as programmers, administrators, game master and moderators who together work as one single unit to manage one of the most immersive World of Warcraft private servers out there.

UW is the best alternative to World of Warcraft to the vast hispanic audience that wishes to indulge in the true WotLK experience.

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