Unlimited WoW LvL 255 FUNSERVER



One of the best private servers, it’s located in Great Britain and on duty from Jun 2017.

For users there are a lot of zests - 255 Level Cap, Tier 1 to Tier 14, 1v1 Arena,

All classes for all races, 80000+ Custom Items, Amazing custom and script instances,

Custom quests, Working BG and Arena.  The server is easy to use, with reliable communications and an excellent program.

What do users value the platform for?

  • Instant 255 and Balanced Classes;
  • Custom Instances;
  • Gurubashi Arena;
  • Working Battlegrounds and Arena;
  • Custom Gems and Enchants;
  • Instant Professions;
  • Custom Quests and World Bosses;
  • All classes unlocked for every race;
  • Special PvP reward system, that pay you for kills;
  • VIP and VOTE Items;
  • Custom Weapons and Weapon Upgrades;
  • Special Morphs;
  • Transmog system and Transmog Mall;
  • Boosted spells & talents.

Instances levels there are from first in Razorfen Kraul to even 17 at Molten Core.

The server is ready to provide its players with the best conditions for the game, is constantly evolving

and pays enough attention to eliminating deficiencies, deservedly occupying the top lines in the ratings.

To get started, download a special patch and clear the WDB folder. Some item / NPC names will be incorrect

if you do not delete the cache (WDB Folder)

You may get errors, and some functions will not work without the patch.

But this is the only nuance that can prevent you from starting to play successfully on this platform.

The team responds very actively to detected bugs, maintains a forum and contacts users on all issues.

This server can be recommended to all game lovers.