Uwow - Legion 7.3.5



The best server located in Russia. It is deservedly kept in the tops of the rating - reliable, tested, affordable.

LEGION World Emissary, Quests, Artifact quests and knowledge, Mythical world, Legends drop, classrooms,

World PvP scaling, MOP, LFR, Flex Bonus, Personal throw Siege of Orgrimmar, Throne of Thunder and much, much more,

with timely upgrades and updates.

Game worlds differ not only in multiplied rates. For example, the unique x30 (under development) is an experimental game world,

an attempt to create a superior server with spells minimally changing gameplay in the direction of convenience and disabled in the arena.

The project was opened on September 1, 2009. During this time, the team has done a lot to make the server convenient for the game.

Server rules are designed so that normal, adequate people have a nice time on the server. The rules are quite strict, but they assure you

that thousands of people have been playing with platform for more than 2 years and during this time they have not received bans, playing

honestly and culturally. The administration is grouped in such a way that there are always GMs in the game on each game world,

as well as a person responsible for the game world itself, both for its contingent of players and their population, and for moderators entrusted to them.

As for the donut. They have it at ease, voluntary, you can purchase almost any thing, change the appearance of the character,

change the race and fraction, restore the deleted character, as well as purchase unique mounts, companions and other chests.

On the server it is possible to remove the mut / ban for donut, but this remains at the discretion of the administration, say, no one will unban spammers.

The forum has a unique complaints system. The administration that does not have time in the game takes on the forum.

You were offended / thrown to the robe / did you see cheaters / heroes 5s / 3s? As players like to say - screen-forum-ban.

If you are muddied or banned by mistake, there is a special topic where they will explain to you why and why the ban,

and if it was really issued by mistake, you will be banned. The server has a topic of complaints about the administration,

which is supervised by Administrators and Senior GMs, where they can help if you were treated ugly. A senior administration can help via Skype.

You are always welcome to the servers of the project UWOW.BIZ by Blackmanos!