World of Darkness



World of Darkness is a huge world of warcraft servers with a massive following and an even bigger list of features.

Our unique and incredible combat system and our world-class death mechanics are enough to entice any player and when its paired with a huge friendly community. There really is no reason to play anything else when we have it all right here ready and waiting for you. With our server guaranteeing one hundred percent uptime and absolute server stability you can be sure that whenever you need us we will be there no matter what time of day or night.

Our team of support staff and moderators help keep day to day operations running smoothly by answering any questions or queries that our players may have while playing on our game servers. Our developers are actively fixing bugs and releasing new content every single day so that even if you are at the end game content you can always have something to look forward too.

All of our content can be enjoyed by solo players but also can be played as a group so what are you waiting for grab a couple of friends and conquer the dungeons and slay the biggest bosses.