WoTG | Vanilla | WoTLK & Superfun realm



World of the Gods is a World of Warcraft private server which offers the best of the WoW experience to its audience. WotG is a very convenient WoW server which offers several ways of playing the game and experiencing the true World of Warcraft experience.

There are different realms to partake in and craft your own adventure. On WOTG there are two types of realms, one is WotLK 3.3.5a and the other one is an instant level 255 superfun realm. WotLK stands for Wratch of the Lich King. This was an expansion that was added to the vanilla version of World of Warcraft which instantly became a huge success. WoTLK offered a great WC3 lore which was very immersive and interesting. The Atmosphere of WotLK is the most favorable of all WoW expansions. It offered the best environment and the perfect end-game city. WotLK also introduced 10 or 25 man raids which was an ideal introduction to the community aspects of the game, it offered groups of friends, guilds and clans to indulge in the vast PvE that WoW had to offer. WoTG strives to give its audience what they preffer, which is why it has WotLK added as its own separate realm. The other realm that WoTG has to offer is the superfun realm. This is a perfect fit for those whom doesn't like the grindy and tedious tasks of World of Warcraft. At registration of your character you instantly level up to 255 which means that right at character registration you can get into all the fun parts of the game without having to grind your way to that specific area of the game.

WoTG has one of the most immersive and interactive communities around. At WoTG there is no dungeon finder, no cross-realm zones. This means that you have to interact with other players and ask for help in game to succeed in your tasks and in game goals.
WoTG has a unique way for players to contribute to the progression of the game and also receive their own little perks and rewards. WoTG has a vote system which allows users to vote for certain add-ons to the game, for example if there is an update that is pending, users are able to vote for that specific update whether they support it or not and offer their constructive criticism. By doing this users are awarded vote points, with these vote points you're able to purchase in-game items for your character. Items from the points shop include unique mounts, hefty gear etc. The more points you have the better the rewards you can obtain in-game.

WoTG is a community driven server which means it relies on the funds of the community. Players are able to donate to our server which means that we're able to host it and continue to make the game better for the community. Donating to our services also gives you unique rewards and benefits in-game. Once donated you receive donor points which you can use in-game to buy different items and other obtainables for your character.

is one of the most immersive and convenient World of Warcraft servers out there. It has the optimal game design and a very friendly and interactive community.