Tibikra Pvm and Pking server

Tibikra-Small-community-server RSPS

Tibikra-Small-community-server RSPS

Tibikra-Small-community-server RSPS


We are a new Runescape server and we are slowly growing, we might not have a big playerbase, but we do have a friendly one where you can have fun everytime you log in! Check out some of our server features below.

Server features:

  • Small but friendly community where you wont be just a number in player list.
  • Really good balance between PvM and Economy.  Also you don't need to grind hours to get main gear for Pking.
  • Even if we are small server but Pking is really active also a lot of activities in Wilderness!
  • A lot of bosses (Customes ones and OSRS bosses like GWD/Wild/Barralchest/Kraken and much more)
  • Mature and friendly staff team
  • Minigames | Bosses | Friendly community | Well balanced economy | PvM | Active Pking | Active and friendly staff | Skilling | Achievements | 

Would you like to chill and go skilling?

We have unique places for skilling! No need to grind for weeks, you can get the job done really fast if you are a grinder! Join us and become the best on hiscores.

We want to thank you for checking out our advertise page! See you ingame.

Our website: Visit tibikra page
Our Client: Download Client

Check out our homepage: Homepage
Download our game client here: Download Client

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