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    Author Topic: Moparscape Staff + Punishments  (Read 15779 times)

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    Moparscape Staff + Punishments
    « on: January 13, 2009, 08:57:49 PM »
    There are several types of punishments a moderator will execute on rule-breakers, depending on the misdemeanor/rule broken. A moderator can decide the punishment themselves, as some rules are more important to be kept than others (ie, advertising over spamming). The types of punishments listed here will be split into three categories: topic, user, and posting.

    Topic Punishments
    • Topic Locked - This means no user but Moderators and Administrators can reply to this topic, thus it is closed to all new posts
    • Removal of the topic - In cases of excessive spam, the topic may be removed altogether and is not expected to be reposted
    • Removal of the poll - The poll of the topic may be removed if it contains very vulgar language, an advertisement, or is completely pointless
    User Punishments
    • Removal of Signature - A user's signature may be removed if the user is advertising an unapproved website in their signature.
    • Temporary Ban - A user will be temporary banned as a last extreme if the user has continually broken the rules. This measure is taken in cases that the moderator either feels that the user is not ready to comply with the rules or that they have been somewhat excessively breaking the rules.
    • Permanent Ban - A user will be permanent banned under one of three conditions: they have excessively broken a rule, they have been temporarily banned in the past and have recommitted the misdemeanor, or they have evaded a ban/made more than one forum account. A permanent ban is very unlikely to be undone and is even more unlikely to have exceptions in. One moderator may not permanent ban a member for something another moderator may ban them for.
    Post Punishments
    • Verbal Warning - A moderator may verbally warn someone that they need to redo their topic to comply with the rules or they better shape up to not gain a punishment. Verbal warnings are uncommon and non-official. One moderator may verbally warn someone for breaking a rule yet another moderator may use one of the below punishments for the same broken rule. Never expect to receive a verbal warning before any of the following punishments.
    • Watch - This is a visual, official warning to a user. All moderators try to use this before any of the following, for the following are generally in severe cases or continual breaking of the rule. A warning may be skipped and the user may instead receive a moderation.
    • Moderation - This is a severe warning that is telling the user to shape up or they will be muted. Moderations are as common as warnings and will be given out often. They prevent a user from posting any new posts or topics until that post or topic has first been approved by a moderator.
    • Mute - This is an extreme case which is used prior to a ban. A mute prevents the person from posting any new topics or posts at all until the mute has been lifted. Further misdemeanors will result in extended punishments or temporary to permanent bans.
    As stated, the above punishments are handed out according to the discretion of the moderator.

    Note: Any user found evading one of the above punishments will be immediately punished to one of the extreme cases, thus to hinder their ability to evade that punishment again. Any accomplices to help aid a person in evading one of the above punishments will share the resulting punishment.

    The time limit of a warn, moderation, or mute depends on the moderator. The default time of the punishment is one week, but a moderator may choose to go beyond that.

    Finally, if you have any problem with a staff member, do not traipse around the forum, posting your rants about that staff member. Instead, private message an administrator and they will decide the outcome. Thanks for reading and make sure you re-read the rules so you can ensure you do not end up with one of the above punishments. The rules can again be found here.

    If you ever need assistance with something on the forum, then the following staff members should be able to help you:

    MoparScape Global Moderators

    MoparScape Sectional Moderators
    • Fridder
      • Server Development
      • Server Downloads
    • Flame_
      • RS2 Server Advertisements
      • RS2 Server Help
    • amy_webb
      • Models
      • Development Teams
      • General Discussion
    If any of the above moderators isn't able to provide assistance please do not hesitate to contact a global moderator or an administrator
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