Crident Networks



Do you want to get cheap but the high-quality game server hosting provider? Try Crident Networks. With it, you can stop paying for slots and start paying for performance.

Crident Networks is a project being constructed from the customers perspective. The team of the company tries to change the game hosting market. If you want to learn more about Crident and its team, click on the "More" inlay on the top menu and choose the "About" option from the drop-down menu. All features of the platform presented on the homepage of Crident Networks official website. They are divided into three categories: "General Features", "Source Features", and "Minecraft Features". The full list includes such characteristics as a leading game panel, workshop downloader, intelligent FastDL and more.

Crident Networks offers game server hosting for such games as CS:GO, Garry's mod, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Hytale, S&Box. The costs are quite high, for example the price for the cheapest Minecraft server starts from $10. But you can customize any server for each game and pay less money.

If you are still doubting in Crident Networks quality, scroll down the homepage of to the bottom and you will see customers reviews. The online platform has a rating of 4,5 stars from 5 total.