Elite Game Servers



Elite Game Servers is a game server hosting provider. The team of the platform grants you hosting for multiplayer games for personal computers and VOIP solutions. The service is available in several continents.

Elite Game Servers platform was created in 2012 by experienced gamers. They offer you a unique possibility to individualize your server in order to make it original.

If you are wondering, why you should choose Elite Game Servers and not any other platform, you should get to know the benefits of the service: the fast installation process, professional and dedicated servers, DDoS protection, etc. You should also notice that with Elite Game Servers your server will be online 24 hours 7 day a week. Makes sure to visit the official website and learn all about the company's features.

The list of games is super wide: Ark: Survival Evolved, Counter Strike, Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Call of Duty, etc. To learn more about prices you have to choose the exact game. For example, the price for one 7 Days to Day server slot is $1.07 and for Ark - $0.77. Each game has minimum number of slots that should be acquired, so you can't buy just one or two.

The online platform gives you an incredible learning opportunity. It presents a detailed knowledge base with information on a great variety of topics, which are related to the usage of the service: Billing and Cancellations, Dedicated Server, Game Servers, and more. Besides that, you can always get in touch with the support team of the site and get all insights.

If you excited to start using the platform and become a full member of the Elite Game Servers' community, you should definitely subscribe to its newsletter. Just scroll down the homepage of the site and you will see a designated area.