Nodecraft is an online platform, which was created with the newest technologies. These features and unique characteristics allow gamers get in-game faster and easier.

Nodecraft has a unique Support-A-Creator Program. Every time you will use a Nodecraft Support-A-Creator code you are supporting a Nodecraft Partner creator. A small amount of your subscription goes to the Nodecraft Partners. To learn more about this program, go to the "Community" tab, which is placed on the top menu.

All important news and updates of the website you will see on "Blog" inlay. It has "Company Updates", "Development", "Game News" and a few other sections.

Ready to start on Nodecraft? In order to pick your pricing plan, go to the corresponding tab, select your games (the website offers you host up to 26 different games) and server bot (Nano, Keelo, Megs or Omega). All of these bots have different characteristics, so you may choose the most convenient option for you and your wallet. The support team will recommend to you a plan based on the games you select. You also should notice, that it is possible to add more games later. You can start using the Nodecraft for as low as $9.98 per month. If you do not want to spend money on unknown services, feel free to try free trial.

Blog section presents the latest news and updates on Nodecraft website. Feel free to use online chat if you still have any questions and hesitations.