As a company, ServerBlend was founded in 2014. But at that time it had a different name and slightly different mission. With years the platform was improved and upgraded by the passionate and professional team.

Nowadays ServerBlend is a server hosting service in Europe, USA, and Canada. It provides you with the options to customize your game server and get an unbeatable price for it.

On the official website of ServerBlend, you can order many different game server hosting options for different prices. There are such categories as Minecraft, TeamSpeak 3, Discord Bots, OneBlend, Standard Game Servers, and Premium Game Servers. They include one or more hostings for you to choose from.

ServerBlend online platform has a detailed knowledge base with all the information you need to know. But if you can not find a solution to your problems in it, you can submit a ticket by selecting one from three departments: Sales, Sponsorship or Technical Support. Besides that, on serverblend you can read all relevant to the field news.

ServerBlend is just what you need.