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  • What are RSPS?

    RSPS stands for Runescape Private Servers, these servers are ran by independent individuals
    or small groups of people that have no connection to Jagex.
    Anyone (with some technical skills) is able to make his own server and invite his friends to play it.
    It is not so easy to become a big server though, large servers generally do a lot of marketing
    and have multiple people working around the clock improving
    their servers, adding new content and fixing bugs.

    Good side of RSPS?

    There's a variety of games and many games have unique features that you wouldn't find on original RS.
    For example: Spawn Servers, they allow you to get instant items and set your skills, this way you could
    do what you enjoy most: Pking
    RSPS tend to be more community driven, many people tend to know each other due to the relatively small player base
    so this makes it more social in a way.
    Runescape Private servers usually only focus on the 'fun' parts of Runescape so you won't have to deal much
    with the grinding aspect of Runescape, like clicking trees and rocks for hundreds of hours.
    Experience is generally gained much faster but your sense of achievement will also be much lower.

    Bad side of RSPS?

    Because these servers are developed by individuals or small groups, they all come with many bugs or missing content.
    Don't expect skills like construction to be working 100% or have a variety of quests and minigames.
    Most servers have very limited content in comparison to the original Runescape game but that doesn't make it less fun, it can however
    get boring after some time.

    Servers come and go, many shut down very quickly and unexpectedly so you have a risk of losing your account,
    this is a frequent issue with small servers
    but if you choose to play on a well established server, this should not be an issue, many of the big servers have been
    in business for over 5 years and don't show any signs of closing anytime soon.