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Donate for Rewards

Choose your points amount, enter your username, choose method of payment and press 'Donate now'.

Scrolls increase your donator rank and give you donator points whenever you claim them.

Scroll Donator Points Reward Rank increase
$10 scroll 1000 Points $10
$20 scroll 2000 Points $20
$50 scroll 5000 Points $50

Payment methods

Click on a button to select the method of payment.

Credits & PayPalPayPal - Paysafe -
Credit Cards
Phone & SMSOnebip - Bank Cards
RSGPOldschool RS - EOC
Rank Amount Donated
Donator $20
Super Donator $200
Legendary Donator $500
Demonic Donator $1000
Uber Donator $2000

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