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Elkoy is one of the most thrilling server to be released to date. We strive to make the most played and well known server to date. Our staff team at Elkoy comes with a vast amount of experience and professionalism and are always looking to help those who seek it. Even the owners will dedicate a portion of their day to come in-game and answer questions and communicate with their players as they believe this to be part of their key to a successful and thriving community. So what are you waiting for? Come check us out and see what you're missing out on. We're full of unique fun content and you may even make a friend or two. We hope to see you in-game! 


» Balanced Combat Triangle

» Flawless Switching
» Duo Slayer

» Custom Dungoneering
» Dwarf Multicannon
» PvP Leaderboard
» Active PvP Clans

» New Server - Fresh Economy
» Miasmic Spells Working Perfectly with Slow Effect.
» Easy, Medium, and Elite Slayer Tasks
» All Skills Working!
» FULL Construction
» Shooting Stars
» Evil Trees
» Rock Caverns and Rocktail Fishing
» Team Dungeoneering

» Curses
» Achievements
» Wilderness Bosses
» Active Wilderness
» Jadinkos
» Tons of Fun Minigames
» Gambling (Flower Poker/Dicing) and Lottery
» Money Pouch with Unlimited Storage
» Multiple Quests
» Complete Clan Chat System
» Fully Functional Bank Tabs
» Active Community Forum
» Top Tier Dedicated Server
» Entertaining and Challenging Quests
» Player Owned Shops



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