Barov-WoW 3.3.5a



The best German game server, the only ones at the top of the ranking.

Reliable German quality - you can be sure of the quality of the connection, the preservation of the game,

the minimum number of bugs. Perhaps there is not much creativity and variety, but you can be sure that all the

new products will be available to you. Quests are regularly updated, events and characters are developing.

Now they offer to users something extra.

  • Newcomers get an extra Start-Char Boost (just write a ticket);
  • Team is at your service every day from 12:00 to 1:00

Guaranteed for players in new seasons

- 2 x Max lvl 80,

- 2 professions to 450 (without recipes);

 - 3x pets with features; 

 - 3000 gold (dual specialization included;

  - Reitmounts (Zebra and Argentum Hippogryph);

  • Daily Quest: Cool down from 5.07
  • an extra quest available.

 This quest takes place in the Icecrown Citadel, a perfect place to cool off, be prepared. 

Furthermore, they offer for beginners continue the Start-Char package to look at worthwhile.

In addition,  Transmog range has been expanded by friend "Scatger", which can be found in the store.

In the future it will be organized events in the Beriech PVP-Pve, which contain special rewards depending on the difficulty.

PVP events are only available in the FORUM.

Store has been redesigned and there are a lot of interesting there. There you can receive gifts like example mounts or pets,

so have a look it's worth it. Many new offers are waiting for you, and also in the new year, an action calendar will be

available in the forum where you can see exactly what is available in which month.

Let’s have a look on this server. It is really deserve it.  They’ll do their best to make your game as cool as it may be.