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    Author Topic: i have moparscape fever, im edging to paly again!  (Read 108 times)

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    i have moparscape fever, im edging to paly again!
    « on: February 13, 2017, 11:28:07 PM »
    Eldon-Trusty-New Outlook

    Who banned you:

    Why were you banned:
    There was a player who asked me to buy his 2000m for $45.00 i was gunna be sneaky and take the cash! well he ended up trading me the 2000m in return he got nothing, i scammed him for the ingame cash.

    im taking it for a long period of time.

    Punishment (Ban/IP Ban):
    IP Ban

    Why should you be unpunished:
    i know what i did was wrong, i took everything for granted i wasnt paying attention to any of the rules. i was just asking for trouble. see when your playing games on the inner web you feel as if you are invincible which i thought i was i enjoyed moparscape very much i put alot of time into the game and then i made my stupid mistake i scammed the guy for all that cash which i shouldnt have and i'm so sorry i would realy love to play the game again. i wont screw up like that again, i will pay full attention to all rules and ill be more then happy to do whatever it takes to be able to play again.

    Linkback: https://www.moparscape.org/community/appeals/286/i-have-moparscape-fever-im-edging-paly-again/681077/


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