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    Great job as always, was a pleasure to participate in the first open run you provided the server with, even though there was no loot.

    My biggest concern, is in regards to the raids loot. Will it be distributed just the same as osrs?

    Lastly, if you add the rest of the raids loot into the donor shop it will be a massive failure on your end. By doing so you ruin the economy, I don't have time to explain basic economics, but it's clear you're aware of this - you don't allow spirit shields, or party hats.

    I would advise removing the current raids loot from the donor shop, as the prices will only tank as a result of donors specifically trying to buy the best items with their real life money.

    If you add twisted bow and other loots into the donor shop, I will probably look for a new server, while playing less hours on Alora. Rather then trying to cash out and deplete ones server work, you should instead look into as I mentioned before on other threads incentives to donate inside of raids. I'm sure I can come with plenty just brainstorming for 15 minutes. A simple one would be less points lost on death (5-10 percent), maybe a small percentage at better rewards. That might even be too overpowered, I don't know.

    Hope you take this into consideration, and understand the hardwork players have to put into the server in order to obtain items such as elysians, and party hats. These items still bring in potential donations via donators buying bonds etc in order to afford such.


    Today I'm showing off what I've been working on for the larger part of the past week, the Olm boss fight from the recently released Raids on OSRS. I've tried to match the mechanics as closely as possible, and I'm quite happy with the outcome(as are the testers who have recently participated in our beta/live server test!). Overall, I'd say it's about 90% similar to OSRS, only missing the head turning(turns left and right) and the fire wall special attack, both of which may be added in the near future, but I will be focusing on other aspects of Raids for the time being and will re-evaluate whether it is a priority once I'm closer to completing the rest of the dungeon.

    I believe we are the first RSPS to get this close to having a fully functional Olm, which is quite exciting! We plan to have Raids available very soon on Alora's live server

    Some of the features:
        Combat bonus scaling:
        Combat bonuses(offensive) scaled to party size

    Phases scaled: (including the penultimate phase)
        2 phases for a 1 person party
        3 phases for a <= 7 person party
        4 phases for a <= 14 person party
        5 phases for a <= 25 person party(maximum)
        (The later the phase, the more frequent the special attacks and more powerful Olm becomes)

    Head attacks:
        Drain spheres special attack which sap 10% of prayer and disable overheads:
        Blue(magic) sphere
        Red(melee) sphere
        Green(range) sphere

    Normal attacks:
        Green "shard" (Ranged)
        Green "orb" (Magic)

    Posion special attack:
        Affected players will repeatedly shout "Burn with me!"
        Those who stand too close to someone burning will shout "I will burn with you." and inflict the poison upon themselves.

    Acid pool shot
        Olm will create multiple acid pools in the room in random locations, and players who step on them will be constantly dealt with poison damage.

    Final phase only: Life Siphon
        During this phase, Olm will shoot two blue pools out into the field, which all players are required to stand on. Any player not standing on this pool will be dealt damage, and Olm will heal itself by that amount of damage.

    Healing aura:
        Olm's head cannot be damaged until the penultimate phase.

    Room effects:
    Acid trail:
        Olm will target 1 player who will create an acid pool wherever they walk, which other players must avoid.

    Stalagmite fall(Red portal):
        Olm will shout out a cry, and one targetted player will have a red portal glow and stalagmites falling on them frequently. (they may damage other players in the vicinity)

    Ground spikes:
        Every player will see small spikes spawn under them, which will turn into a large crystal quickly thereafter and deal a high amount of damage to any players who have not moved away.

    When Olm has dipped underground to recover for the next phase, the room will shake and stalagmites will fall and deal heavy damage.
    Upon resurfacing, Olm will have moved to the other side of the cave.

    Left hand specials:
        Lightning wave/wall that runs through the room
        If you are hit by one of the bolts, you will be damaged and your overhead prayers will be knocked off.

    Player swap(confuse)
        A pair(or more) of players are selected and a colored glow surrounds them (color changes in big teams with multiple pairs)
        In 3 seconds, they must be on the same tile or close by, otherwise their positions are swapped and they are dealt damage based on distance

        Olm's left hand will become unattackable every so often

    Final phase: Heal aura
        If you hit the left hand while the heal aura insignia is shown, your damage will work to heal the left hand rather than hurt it.

    Final phase: Timed kill
        After killing the right hand, you will have about 30 seconds to finish off the left hand, or Olm will regenerate the power in his other hand.

    Reward system:
        Real loot tables from OSRS
        Chance to hit unique table scales based on the points you received in the raid(from damage or *skilling)

    Amount of resources and supplies are partially based on the points you've received
    Prayer scroll:
        One prayer scroll will allow you to unlock 1 of the 3 new prayers.

    Olm pet with the proper dialogues
        Proper animations(eg. Laughing in some dialogue frames) are also configured

    New prayers:
        All of the following prayers must be unlocked by a Prayer scroll.
        Upon reading the scroll, you can select 1 of the 3 prayers to permanently unlock.

        Requires level 55 Prayer
        Boosted stats last 20% longer

        Requires level 74 Prayer
        Increases Ranged attack by 20% (accuracy)
        Increases Ranged damage by 23%
        Increases Defence by 25%

        Requires level 77 Prayer
        Increases Magical attack by 25% (accuracy)
        Increases Defence by 25%

    Any constructive criticism and feedback will be much appreciated!

    Appeals / LOST DWH BUG?
    « Last post by i dont moni onToday at 01:31:33 PM »

    i was pking i lost DWH, PROTECT ITEM WAS ON!!!!

    Proof here :

    IGN:  i dont moni
    Appeals / apel to ip ban
    « Last post by woox18 onToday at 01:03:05 PM »
    unfortunatly, i raged after losing my bank , and sayed that i was going to give away my accoount, in fact i wasnt going to give my account away, and i want to apolagy for it.
    i was ip baned 2 days ago, and i still cant log in my account.
    i would love to come back to the server, with my main account.
    Thanks for the suport Woox18.
    Appeals / i got ipbanned
    « Last post by obs powerstroke onToday at 12:48:49 PM »
    Username:Trusty,Lamar,New outlook, Eldon
    Who banned you:PKAGS
    Why were you banned:i scammed a guy for his ingame cash
    Punishment (Ban/IP Ban):ip
    Why should you be unpunished:i feel as if you could have just cleaned my account, ive played hours and hours on this game, its super enjoyable. i donated over 400 dollars, like i wouldnt donate that much if i didnt like this game, im sorry that i did what i did. it wont happen again i promise
    Server Advertisements / [OSRS] Tyras
    « Last post by Tyras onToday at 11:21:14 AM »

    About Tyras

    Tyras is a rune source, revision 317 server and has been running now for over a month now. During this time, we've updated our source and have been working on it ever since to make it as good as possible for our players. An active staff team and a dedicated team of developers work hand in hand to assure that players are always looked after and receive the best possible updates as frequently as possible. We are a community of rsps enthusiasts and work together to constantly improve the server.

    Features of Tyras

    - All bosses working (minus the new additions to osrs).
    - Player owned stores.
    - Active PVM and PVP following.
    - Skill prestigeing (hit 99 and restart to receive rewards).
    - Active staking and gambling facilities.
    - Cosmetics designed from scratch by our developers.
    - ::event to celebrate one month of the new source.
    - Recently reset.
    - Perfect experience rates.
    - Skilling zones.
    - Custom training zone (::train).
    - Teleport interfaces.
    - Many more...

    Hopefully you see this and decide to come and join our server! Our friendly community of players and staff should see you welcomed at and time.
    Appeals / Re: Ban appeal
    « Last post by Swilson onToday at 10:57:06 AM »
    I second this appeal for jmacc, as I almost followed this action myself unaware of the consequences. I have not seen any clear rules or any guidance towards this subject, as admin always advertise donator points for 07 gold, and thus make this action seem acceptable to others. None of this is slating admin etc, just making you aware how easy of a mistake it is to make :) It was simply an uninformed decision. Please let it slide as this server is very awesome, especially with friends :p
    Feedback / Requesting an official server discord!
    « Last post by whatsupl0l onToday at 06:28:12 AM »
    What this server really needs is an open discord that everyone can access. Discord is easy to use, and who the hell uses forums actively in 2017 anyways?
    An open discord will make it easier to discuss server suggestions etc so that you dont have to take it all over yell. Organized pvming could also take place with the help of an open discord, and will result in more friendships being made! All the staff that I've spoken to about this have been extremly positive, are you?
    Bump, we're still alive, and pushing updates!
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