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    Author Topic: The Rules [10/31/2012]  (Read 13827 times)

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    The Rules [10/31/2012]
    « on: March 20, 2009, 07:21:28 AM »

    The staff reserve the right to interpret these rules any way they see fit. The following rules are more like guidelines. You shouldn't be looking for loopholes in them, rather, you should just get along with them. We're looking for users that use common sense. For example, we would prefer a user that knows just because something isn't on the rules, that it isn't necessarily allowed.
    • We are not anti-leech. If you respect our community and our ideas, feel free to ask questions and they will be kindly answered if you follow the rules. Answer to questions that others ask if you know the answer or offer useful content, otherwise remain silent.
    • We don't talk about things we don't know. This is an informative community.
    • We do not care about post count alone. If someone has high post count but most of it is spam, we hate them. If someone has a high post count with informative posts, we love them. The higher count, the more we hate/love them.
    • We do not make spelling mistakes on purpose. We use "you" not "u", we use "why" not "y" etc.

    Rule 1:
    Moderators lock topics/remove posts and topics/hand infractions to users at their own discretion as required to foster a positive community. Any disagreement with a staff member's decision is to be resolved through the use of the PM system. Any public disputes are unacceptable and punishable. A moderators decision is final, if you have a problem with it, pm an administrator. Trying to resolve it through a thread will result in a heavier punishment.

    Rule 2:
    Everybody is equal, don't treat people worse than you do others(E.G., don't isolate someone and flame them).

    Rule 3:
    Posts should be knowledgeable, try to put some effort into them, it'll save hassle and stop you from looking like an idiot.

    Rule 4:
    We only have one forum account per person, you can use the same account for MoparScape, Moparisthebest and Mopar Game Dev.

    Rule 5:
    Advertising is to be kept strictly to the designated boards (RS2 | RS Classic), or the Server Status Page (RS2 only).

    Rule 6:
    We don't post misleading links, do not try to trick people into visiting things they don't want to.

    Rule 7:
    bad picsographic content is not allowed under any circumstances. This includes images, links, or deep-rooted discussions regarding watching, sharing, creating, or otherwise being involved with bad picsographic media. bad picsography may be referenced and discussed up to the point where it does not violate the above statement.

    Explicit content or otherwise questionable content may be allowed, but we expect users to use the 'NSFW' rule when posting (Not Safe For Work). Users are expected to use this tag in the title to inform other users the topic may contain explicit content. Please use your discretion when posting such content.

    Rule 8:
    We do not sell anything on this site, period.  This includes offering 'rewards' for donations or anything like that. Selling via signature is not an exception. Furthermore, all requests of price or value for any property related to the game RuneScape is disallowed on these boards.  This rule exists to prevent scamming, dishonest trading, and legal liability regarding the exchange of Jagex property.  We do not encourage people to buy or sell anything related to RuneScape, Jagex, or any of their games.

    Rule 9:
    Do not post or upload any copyrighted material.

    Rule 10:
    We never advertise via the PM system whether the site is approved or not. If your site is approved than you must advertise through appropriate means.

    Rule 11:
    We respect each other and other communities. We do not flame. There is to be no fighting on the forums.

    All of the rules stated in this post apply to Moparscape and Moparisthebest, they apply to all topics and all messages, failure to comply to these rules with result in punishment handed out at the staff members' digression.

    Section specific rules:

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