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b5u0f1G.png AeroScape Website AeroScape is a 317 Runescape private server loading 600+ maps and weapons. AeroScape is packed full of content including Minigames, bosses, PVP battles, Gambling, Trading, Achievements, Quests, and More! AeroScape - Video Download Client Highscores Features - Extremely Stable source and client hosted on a VPS with DDOS Protection (no getting kicked from the game while your playing) - Knowledgeable development team and staff with years of programming experience - Grand Exchange to easily trade with other players! - Compatible with Macs and PC's - Several Quests - Fully Featured minigames such as: Barrows, Fight Caves, Fight Pits, Dueling, Gambling, The Lottery, Zombie Survival, Pest Control and more! - Fully Functional Highscores - Easy to use Online Store - Perfect Clan chat and Lootshare! - Over 100+ Achievements to earn the Max and Completionist capes! - Iron Man, Hardcore Iron man, and Normal modes - All skills are working flawlessly including Dungeoneering, Slayer, and Summoning - Familiars Hold items and assist you in combat against NPC's and Players! - Perfect home in Edgeville with tons of shops and supplies - Voting System with Exp or Cash rewards! - Double Exp Weekends and Drop Parties - Shooting Stars and Weekly Server Events - Tons of bosses including: Corporeal Beast, Nex, Nomad, Glacors, Mithril Dragons, God Wars Dungeon, Dagannoth Kings, Frost Dragons, KBD, and many many more! - Custom bosses such as the Phoenix! - 600+ Maps and Weapons with Ancient Cavern, Torva, Virtus and Pernix. - Chaotic Weapons, working Enchanted bolt effects, spirit shield damage soaking, AGS special and Dragon Claw special - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond member status with respective perks - Click on a skill in the skills tab to instantly be teleported to the skills training location! - Easy to use forums, and Wiki on the way! - So much more! MxCrm3E.png wz1uFBb.gif vAXT1ic.png F9AKsVb.png IB8GusU.png BlkexKN.png zsNhLc4.png gpX4lF5.gif xowgbF6.gif 9f97m3n.jpg Donations.gif Dungeoneering.png gpX4lF5.gif bandos.png
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